4 Exclusive Pre-Wedding Photo Session Ideas for an Amateur Wedding Photographer

4 Exclusive Pre-Wedding Photo Session Ideas for an Amateur Wedding Photographer

Couples seek only one thing from the professionals, that is, uniqueness. The whole pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot does not have to be super expensive or extravagant. But, the individuality must be present. As everyone sees the world differently and the couple’s world revolves around love, the photographer should be careful. Choosing a theme can be one of the daunting tasks of the entire wedding photo session but it is a part and parcel of the photographers. Coming out of the comfort zone and putting the customers in their comfort zone, themes can make the deal or break it.

So, what are the most popular pre-wedding photo shoot ideas widely followed by professionals? You can get inspired and add a little drama in the whole theme. Even this photo shoot might rejuvenate their bond of love. Needless to say, the role of Calgary wedding photographer is no less than a wizard. Go through the following ideas to understand what the professional photographers of today’s world are thinking.

Love Food? Kitchen-Themed Shoot for Foodies

When the future husband and wife share a tremendous love for food, the photo session can get a new meaning. You can choose vibrant colours for making the frames colourful and fun. The colourful kitchen space can also add a beautiful meaning here. Showcasing the energetic souls through the bold shades, the photo session can be fun for the couple, too. Try to keep things natural and get some great candid shots. The quirky shoot will show the real side of the friendship.

Frozen-Themed Shoot in Winter

Does the bride want a classic theme for the shoot? If she is getting married in the wintertime, the snow could be very useful. Re-create the magic of Frozen and instruct the bride to don an icy blue gown. Opt for Troll Falls Trails or Lake Louise to capture the nature’s wonders. A few single shots of the bride as Elsa freezing the lake could be a fun addition. In the meantime, your Elsa is here getting a happy ending with a prince. The groom can also dress up to live through the classical for a bit.

Putting the Wedding Essentials in the Shoot

To make things more wedding-centred, there are a lot of things to consider for a Canadian photographer. Let’s start with the engagement ring. The bridegroom’s proposal to the bride completes then album and he can put the diamond over on a maple ring. Also, the husband-to-be can wear Canadian tux or go for plaid and denim. On the other hand, the bride can put on a red and white number.

Focus on the Special Poses

Apart from the candid shots, the couple would definitely show interest in posing for the camera. However, the awkward poses are disastrous and you should be careful about it. Start with the simple ones – first look, lying in the grass and blindfolding. Once they are comfortable with the photographer, start with the first-dance pose. If you manage to shoot from a balcony, you will get a mesmerising photo. The wide angle shots are also important in the album. Capture the relaxed gaze when they are in their natural self.

So, do you think you can showcase the natural loving expressions? Keep an eye on the gallery and blog to utilise the expert tips.

Author bio: Marvin Allen, a popular wedding photographer, has many informative articles for budding photographers in the same field. Here, he spills out 4 wedding or engagement ideas that every Calgary wedding photographer follows.

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