Home Decor · May 22, 2019

4 Concrete Garden Ornaments That Will Distinguish Your Garden from Others

Your garden is no less than a slice of well-ordered paradise. An amalgamation of flower beds, turf grass, and big trees not only helps you to go close to nature but also works as a lifeline for the wildlife that has lost their native habitat to development. A beautiful garden is something that everyone admires. However, are you not satisfied with your garden? Does your garden lack the finishing touch? Then, it is the time to add those elements that will complement the look and differentiate your yard in the locality.

Are you wondering what are the concrete garden ornaments to incorporate? Here we have listed down that you can choose from. Take a look.


Do you want to welcome birds to your yard by offering them a safe source of water? Then, a bird bath is what you need. A yard without the joyful songs of birds seems incomplete. Even in feng shui, birds are considered to be the messengers from heaven, and the symbol of inspiration and freedom. Add life to your garden by incorporating a bird bath. Having this at your garden, you will be rewarded with splashing, fluttering, and birdsong. So, if you want to decorate your garden in a creative way, make this element a part of your garden.


If you want to add sound to your garden then install a water fountain. It is an attractive addition to any home owner’s garden. The soft sounds which come out from the fountain and the sight of the flowing water will release your stress and calm your mind. You can unwind near a water fountain and let your worries drift away into oblivion. Come in various materials, design, and shapes, it will spruce up the look and feel of the garden. Consider the feng shui elements interplay when picking the ideal spot for the fountain.


Garden is not only a place to witness colourful flowers and enjoy the activities of wild creatures, but also a place to sit and lighten up your mind amidst the serenity of nature. So, having a place to rest in your garden is a must. It helps you to absorb the silence and boost up energy. Based on the size and design of your garden, you can go for chairs made of different materials and styles, including iron bench, Colebrookedale bench, Corinne carver, Duchess bench, Katerina bench, Lavinia bench, etc. However, you should keep this in mind that the design of the chair should complement the garden space.

Garden lights

Your garden may have certain features that you want to show-off. From show-stopping tress to carefully curated flower beds, to water fountains and statues, make sure to add a light, like a lantern on your garden’s best bits. If you want to create an ethereal glow, then draping the lights from tree branches would be a great choice. When placed properly, the lights will bring certain aspects of your garden to life when the night draws in and add a ‘wow’ factor to your garden.

These are some of the elements that will beautify your garden, as well as differentiate it from your neighbouring gardens. So, what are you waiting for? Opt for a renowned company that offers bird bath, lanterns, garden furniture, and fountains Melbourne, Sydney and the surrounding areas, and by the suitable ones that will be in harmony with your garden space.

Author Bio: Matthew Wilson, a blogger on concrete garden ornaments, here writes on the elements including lanterns, garden furniture, and fountains Melbourne that you can add to beautify it.