360 Degree Guide to Height Safety Solutions

360 Degree Guide to Height Safety Solutions

Working at height usually remains one of the major causes of occupational fatalities as well as major injuries taking a toll on precious lives. There is an uncountable number of cases registered that continue to emphasize the need for height safety solutions while some task is being executed at an extraordinary height and on a fragile surface. The falls from height can also be due to the unguarded holes in the floors like the hatchways or inspection of pits and holes.

The other significant dangers or hazards which are associated with the act of working at a height much above the sea level looms large over the catastrophe triggered by falling of the objects and the deadly outcome in the wake of sudden collapse or overturn of the working platform. The apprehension of coming to contact with the overhead electrical services carrying high voltage aggravates the fear of working at a high altitude.

The heights at which the employers have to implement controls certainly vary from one country to another depending on the standard of an ideal working condition defined by an authority. If there is no precaution taken, a person can probably fall a distance which is liable to cause a serious personal injury. This should indeed be remembered that the access & egress to a workplace could also very strongly constitute working at height.

Workers in the construction, as well as the maintenance industry, are particularly at risk but several other people in a variety of jobs could also be at risk of falling from a height unless they have a proper understanding of the different aspects of height safety solutions. Such professions include decorators, painters and window cleaners who carry ad hoc jobs without proper planning, training or equipment.

Whatever be the task, any of them who is working at a considerably higher height needs to plan properly in advance with a careful consideration given to the selection and usage of the work equipment & means of escape in the light of a deliberated and nuanced height safety solutions during the time of an emergency.

A Safe Place of Work

This is true that it is not possible to avoid working at height, an existing safe place of work should indeed be used in compliance with the height safety solutions. These workplaces should be:

  • Stable and should be of sufficient rigidity and optimum strength for serving the purpose
  • Rest on the stable and should have strong surfaces
  • Should be of sufficient size in order to allow the safe usage for persons, material, and plant
  • Have a suitable means for preventing a fall
  • Have a surface that has no gap through which a person of any size or material could fall & cause injury
  • Be constructed, used as well as maintained in order to prevent the risks of tripping, slipping or any folk being trapped between then & any adjacent structure.

Other Measures for Height Safety Solutions

Where the risk associated with falls cannot be eliminated, the work equipment or any other measures of minimizing the distance & consequences of a fall need to be necessarily cushioned with air mats, safety netting or fall arrest systems as recommended by height safety solutions.

Safety Nets

The safety nets are available in various customized sizes and can be manufactured in order to recognized standards. They can be erected as close as possible to the place of work and further where a person possibly may fall.  According to height safety solutions, the usage of the safety nets is usually restricted to a higher level of work such as the steel erection or roof work. In case the net is too close to the ground, this would not be able to arrest the deflection which arises from the impact of a falling person.


The idea of Airbags prescribed as a standard height safety solution tends to be used where there is insufficient height to accommodate a possible safety net or to provide anchorage for a fall arrest system. The overall strength of the material of the airbags and also the air pressure within are very critical in order to ensure safety to a falling person.   


The height safety solutions are to be mandatorily adhered by all the industries which entail their workers to work at a height in order to ensure complete safety.      

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