Health and Fitness · January 23, 2021

3 Things to Consider When Getting Adult Braces

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Braces are awesome for aligning your teeth and giving you a bright and beautiful smile. But getting orthodontic treatments is not the same for adults compared to teens. Because of this, if you are getting fitted with braces as an adult, make sure to know crucial facts before you undergo the treatment. If your teeth misalignment isn’t severe, you might want to consider using alignment devices like the Invisible Aligners from Bitesoft Co. It has numerous benefits, such as allowing you to drink and eat anything you want.

1. Aligning your teeth may come with complications as an adult

When you want to undergo teeth alignment as an adult, it is crucial to know that the processes aren’t the same as when you were a preteen. As you get older, your teeth enamel becomes thinner. You are likely to suffer bone loss, cavities, as well as gum disease. Your dentist must consider all these factors when choosing the optimum orthodontic treatment suitable for your needs. For example, your dentist may not readily fit you with braces if you have tooth decay. You may have to undergo an oral surgery to restore the health of your teeth, which can delay the process. Ultimately you and your dentist will need to go through your medical history to ensure that braces are the best option for your teeth.

2. Consider the numerous options available for aligning your teeth

Fortunately, with the improvement in dental technology, so are your options for orthodontic teeth straightening treatments. Factor in your health, age, and orthodontic needs when you consider one of the following options:

3. Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are tried and tested, and one of the most typically used treatments for teeth straightening. A series of metal brackets are fastened onto the teeth surface. Afterwards, a U-shaped wire will be threaded along the brackets. When you visit your dentist for monthly checkups, the wires will be slowly adjusted to position your teeth in place.

4. Invisalign

Invisalign teeth straightening treatment methods utilizes a series of clear aligners to position your teeth optimally. You will receive these retainer-like trays in the mail every couple of weeks, and it helps you adjust your teeth in tiny increments until they are all properly aligned. It is crucial to wear invisible aligners at most hours of the day. It is removable when you want to eat. These aligners can be custom-made for your smile, so no one will even notice you have them on. 

5. Braces are time-consuming

Braces are common teeth straightening treatments since it is reliable for aligning the teeth, but it requires time. You need to schedule an appointment with your dentist every 4 to 6 weeks to adjust the wires. That being said, once you have completed your treatment, the results are awesome and beautiful and worth every effort.

Reasons to choose Invisible Aligners 

Opting to have your teeth straightened with devices like Invisible Aligners from Bitesoft Co. provides you with an option to have only either your top teeth or bottom teeth corrected. However, your orthodontist will require impressions of both your top and bottom to complete your plan. The reason is to make sure that your bite is healthy by the end of the treatment. It is crucial to guarantee that your teeth fit optimally together when you bite down.

Invisible aligners have fast results. On average, treatment lasts only six months, but it will depend on how misaligned your teeth are; treatment can stretch up to 12 months.

Keep in mind that each person has an entirely different treatment plan. It is hard to predict when you will see results, but most customers report seeing results by the second month.


Consider how misaligned your teeth are when considering teeth straightening options. As an adult, there are more challenges when getting braces. If the crookedness of your teeth is not severe, it is recommended to opt for invisible aligners for fast results.