Lifestyle · April 21, 2020

3 Best Ways to Keep your Carpet Clean & Beautiful

Keeping the carpet clean can transform your home and makes it look elegant in every respect. You can create a beautiful and attractive ambience inside your house when you make efforts to keep the carpet looking clean and fresh. Unfortunately, not many homeowners consider the task of carpet cleaning Doveton seriously and undertake the job only when the carpet is dirty and muddy. The following steps highlight some of the ways to adapt to keep your carpet clean.

  1. Remove shoes and protect the carpet

For maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet, you should say goodbye to the shoes while stepping inside the house. You should also follow the same rule for visitors and ask them to leave the shoes outside. With shoes, you increase the dirt and create a mess on your carpet. The muddy footprints that appear on the carpet do not go away quickly if many people tramp on it with their shoes every time. Make sure you arrange for a separate set of slippers inside your home to allow the carpet to stay clean. Try to keep a separate rug near the entrance to allow it to take the pressure of footfall and minimise dirt and mud on the carpet. Although the rug requires deep cleaning, it is easier to manage the task of cleaning a rug when compared to the carpet. Besides this, you can also use chair mats to save the wear and tear your carpet undergoes due to the chair of the legs.

  1. Removing stains and using vacuum

One of the most important aspects of carpet cleaning is dealing with stains. The key to cleaning stains from the carpet of managing them right away. The more you delay the stain cleaning process, the higher is the damage on the carpet. To ensure that your carpet has a useful lifespan, you should try to clean it properly. What is more important is to stay regular with cleaning habits. Remember to use a cleaning process that is specific to the nature of the stain. Even though any vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning the carpet, but to make the process of cleaning more authentic, you can go a bit further and invest a little more for buying good-quality vacuum equipment. For carpet cleaning, you should pay attention to regular vacuuming activity to keep it free from dust and dirt. Be sure to vacuum the carpet frequently and adequately and go over the stained and dirty places several times to deal with the high traffic area and move the cleaner in different directions to move dirt and dust from the carpet. Vacuuming the carpet twice a week can work wonders.

  1. Using baking soda and deep cleaning the carpet

When it comes to keeping your carpet clean, it is essential to make it smell good as well. Sprinkling baking soda before you vacuuming the carpet makes it smell good and fresh for a long time. Make sure you sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the carpet and allow it to settle for some time, and perform the vacuum for a fresh smell. For keeping the carpet clean throughout the year, you cannot rule out the benefits of the in-depth cleaning process and hire a professional company to complete this task correctly. If you follow these methods, you can keep the carpet clean and rejuvenated throughout the year.