Health and Fitness · July 18, 2021

3 Best Ways to Help You Heal a Pimple


Whether you have acne-prone skin or not, taking care of your skin is a must. There are many skincare products for acne-prone skin that are available in the market, such as special creams, serums, and drying lotions, to name a few.

While these alternatives might be effective in healing a pimple, nothing compares to a pimple patch. If, by chance, you are sceptical about the effectiveness of pimple patches, keep reading to learn about the surprising reasons why they are the best spot treatment available in the market.

Pimple patches make nasty pimples flat.

The first thing you should know about pimple patches is how they work. They work by removing the sebum and dirt from the acne before it reaches the nasty pus-filled zit stage. Thus, you can think of pimple patches as band-aids for your pimples. Pimple patches work like magic as it makes your nasty pimple flat and healed once you remove the patch that has been on your skin for a number of hours.

Either you had a hard day at work, or you just got your beauty sleep, you will notice that when you remove your patch, the spot where you had a nasty pimple have magically gone flat because these patches suck all the substances from within your skin without leaving horrible skin indentations. Talk about magic!

Pimple patches significantly speed up the healing process.

These special patches usually have Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid as active ingredients. Such elements are what make pimple patches effective in healing acne. These ingredients, especially the Salicylic Acid, significantly help speed up the healing process of a breakout by penetrating your skin and softening the dead skin cells obstructing your pores.

With consistent pimple patches on the same targeted spot, you will notice how inflammation and redness slowly disappear. Additionally, compared to harsh spot treatment alternatives such as drying serums, pimple patches can be the most effective way to heal pimples without drying them. It means no scarring afterwards.

You could easily wear pimple patches while you are on the go.

The beauty of pimple patches is that they protect your skin from harmful external stimuli that could worsen the pimple. In case of a breakout, you must consider your skin to be extra sensitive, so you should be mindful not to expose your skin to pollutants and other things that might aggravate your breakout.

While pimple patches are usually used overnight, pimple patches also work equally great in the morning while doing your regular routine. These almost unnoticeable patches ensure that you take care of your skin and heal your pimple without much effort on your end, as you have to stick it on your clean skin where you have your acne and let it do its work. Pimple patches should always be in your skincare staple. Whether you have a breakout or you feel like there is an incoming pimple, all you have to do is make sure you clean your face and let an almost unnoticeable pimple patch stick on the specific target area. You are on your way to another healed pimple—no more excuses not to take good care of your skin. You can now heal your acne anytime and anywhere.