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15 tips for moving that can make your life simpler – MoversUp

19 tips for moving that can make your life simpler - MoversUp

Congratulations on finding a new home! It’s time to think ahead, to ensure that the move goes as smooth and easy as it can be! Here are 19 ideas for making your life a breeze when you moving in Dubai.

Before you relocation:

1. Eliminate things you don’t require

First things first! Don’t hog up space in your house by moving items you don’t need or use any more. Begin with a sale or donation of excess things.

2. Strategize

Find out the method of transportation and make reservations in advance so that you don’t have any delays. If you are renting your own vehicle, or work with a company to move be sure that all is secured.

3. Look for boxes

If you’re in a pinch for money go to the supermarkets and furniture stores prior to closing and ask if you could get some of their leftover boxes.

4. Don’t shop for groceries.

Don’t purchase anything for two weeks prior to the day you move into your new home. Your refrigerator should have as little food as it can be before the day you move in.

5. Buy a roll or ceramic wrap

Secure things and shield the furniture against scratches, by covering it with ceramic wrap several days prior to your move.

6. Make sure you have an overnight bag for the night.

You should have a small bag that contains the essentials. Pajamas, toothbrush, an extra pair of underwear, and a new set of clothes so you don’t have to go through sealed boxers to find the items you need.

7. Memory of photographs

Photograph how your electronics are connected, so you’ll remember where the wires connect.

8. Update your details

Check that all your important documents are up to date with the new address one week prior to moving.

Tips for packing

9. Make use of what you have

You can fill up any object that resembles the shape of the shape of a box. It could be baskets, suitcases or even laundry hampers.

10. Essentials

Take the essentials that you are certain you will require immediately in a clear container that you can recognize as soon as you open it.

11. Protect your breakables

Make sure to cover any broken or crockery pieces of furniture in blankets. Use clean socks to protect your cups and glasses. Place cotton pads inside your cosmetic compacts to stop your blusher and eyeshadow from breaking and creasing.

12. Spillage

To prevent the risk of spilling liquids, such as shampoo You must protect the openings in any containers with ceramic wrap and then cover them with a new one.

13. Plates

The plates should be packed horizontally (the same way you place books on a shelves) instead of stacking them on top of one another to keep the plates from snapping.

14. Nails

All your nails should be kept in small sandwich bags to ensure that you aren’t losing any. Each bag should be labeled with the number of pieces of furniture that the nails are part of.

15. Labels

Label everything! It makes it easy to identify which box belongs in which room at the time you arrive at your new home. 

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Happy moving!