15 Must Have Android Apps For Your Daily Use

15 Must Have Android Apps For Your Daily Use

We can not live without smartphones and various applications. Every second day a new app gets launched in the market. Some of them are extremely useful and make our life easy and productive. Let’s have a look at a list of best android apps.

Google Assistant

We all know about this daily life app. It offers two basic things- Google Assistant and Google Feed.

  • It answers any question and assists our daily life queries.
  • It sets up a reminder, turns smart lights on and off, and can search songs or videos.
  • Feed offers tonnes of information like news, weather, etc
  • Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Feed all of them are top useful Android apps.

FlashScan – Best Android Scanning App

Scanning is one of the most routine tasks of every working individual. FlashScan is one of the best document scanner apps that make scanning easy and handy.

  • Users can anytime scan any type of document with FlashScan.It brings out clear, sharp, and smooth scans quickly.
  • The OCR is a master text-extract of this app. Users can re-scan if the conversion is not satisfactory and it even translates such scans from English to other languages.
  • It also offers accurate QR and BarCode scans. Users can share, copy, delete such scans in a jiff.
  • Various professional filters of FlashScan such as Grey Mode, Magic Color, Black, and White 1&2 are top-notch filters on the market that enhance scan results.

Download Flashscan – A scan to PDF app for accurate and go-to scanning solutions.


Who does not know WhatsApp? It needs no introduction. It is counted as top useful apps for Android for easy and reliable message services.

  • This best Android messaging app uses WiFi or phone connection to provide a cheap alternative to traditional SMS and MMS.
  • Tonnes of smileys, emoticons, and stickers make chat live.
  • Users can even audio and video call with WhatsApp.


While making the list of best Android apps Evernote is undoubtedly the best pick. 

  • Users can take notes, store images, and video clips.
  • It syncs everything to the cloud and you can directly access it from the browser.
  • Very essential for people who take down a lot of notes and memos.

Google Drive 

Google Drive is certainly one of the most useful daily life apps that is essential for all professionals.

  • It is a cloud storage service for creating, organizing and sorting documents and files.
  • While you are using Google Docs for your office tasks then Drive is the perfect suit for you.
  • Collaborates well with all the Google family apps


Do you keep track of your money and how you spend it? Use MoneyWise, one of the life-essential Android App.

  • A go-to app for daily expense management.
  • Get graphs and charts for your monthly expenditure.
  • categorize and filter expenses as per your ser targets.


one of the most famous social media apps for Android. Instagram is a trending app that offers many captivating features.

  • Users can put stories and status while expressing their emotions.
  • Use different filters to enhance images and even the camera has various tools to capture smart images.
  • Uses can audio- video chat and share messages.


This one is all music lover’s favorite Android app. Let’s check-out its features.

  • It lets you tag any song that is playing and retrieve its Title, Artist, and other track details.
  • The useful app when you know the lyrics and Title but you forget the artist’s name.
  • Recently they launched a TV show tagging as well


It is a very beneficial app and website. The virtual ton of subreddits that cover all sorts of topics. 

  • One of the best Android app that allows you to find advice, tutorials, information, etc 
  • There are also many third-party Reddit Apps.


Flipboard – a top-class Android app works like a magazine, users can flip each page to read.

  • The vertical flipping makes the reading experience quite intuitively enjoyable.
  • It aggregates social feeds and showcases them in magazine format.


Formerly known as Read it Later. This top useful Android app is essential for readers.

  • Save online articles to read it later with Pocket.
  • Organize your articles, files, and videos with the user-friendly interface.


It is an app that lets users control their Android device from any web browser. A useful Android app for your professional solutions.

  • Works with personal WiFi when the device and PC are well-connected.
  • You can organize things like photos, call logs and music
  • Install apps from your computer to Android phone.


It is one of the most brilliant Android apps. It enables you to build automated activities that will do a diversity of things.

  • It comes with 200 built-in actions that you can use or you can build your own. 
  • Tasker supports many other apps that help you enhance your functionality.


TickTick is the best to-do list Android app. Users can increase their productivity with this user-friendly app.

  • You set tasks in and the app reminds you to do them.
  • You can share tasks between the members of your household.
  • The paid version is needed for business use only.


Viber is one of the best Android apps for voice calls. Over 100 million users of Viber are satisfied with its performance.

  • Viber offers free calls, texts, and picture messages.
  • It’s way cheaper than traditional massage services.
  • Across the world, people use it for its accurate services.

To sum up, we would recommend using these apps and services for your daily go-to solutions for various tasks. The best document scanner app, free messaging app and best To-do notes Android apps are a few productivity boosters. These daily life apps are time savvy and can make your life more comfortable.

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