Tour and Travels · July 7, 2022

13 Thrilling & Scary Treks Around Kasol To Explore In 2022


Kasol is a consistent fav for those searching for some harmony and serenity, away from the tumult of your day to day schedule anyway this spot is something other than that, it’s a safe house for eager travelers offering stunning perspectives. Thousands and millions of people have witnessed the beauty and tranquility of these places and if never you ever feel like having a break from your life, then visit this place. 

Here are some best trekking packages in Kasol which consist of the exciting, thrilling and scary treks in Kasol. Trust me these places are not going to let you sit, they are so wonderful that you will be tempted to go to these places. 

Kheerganga trek 

You are trekking and camping in Kasol and you are not visiting Kheerganga trek? It is impossible. The trekking packages in Kasol will include Kheerganga trek as it is one of the most famous trekking places in Kasol.  People from different parts of the city and country come to Kasol in order to experience this most amazing , thrilling and scary adventure. Although it may seem and sound a little bit scary, it will be the best memories of your child. 

Tirthan Valley trek 

In Tirthan valley, one can attempt this astounding spot to remain by name tirthan valley trout farmhouse house. which is somewhat disconnected and in isolation. It’s in NAgni Village. To reach the guest house, one needs to cross the tirthan stream either by foot span or by sitting in a roped streetcar. Front of the visitor house there is a trout ranch at front with precise water channels where direct waterway water is Circulated and flown back to the stream. Likewise there is a large yard around with apple trees and some other natural product trees and wonderful blossoms.


Manikaran is a beginning or end purpose in many energizing multi-journey from Manali; Many trekking and campings in Kasol has started from here. So why not do a trek on the starting  point of various treks itself? Chandrakhani – Malana journey is one of the most famous. Kaza – Manikaran journey by means of Pin Parvati Pass is one where the scene decisively transforms from a rough desert like landscape of Spiti Valley to rich green. You can travel in Manikaran itself as there are many attractive destinations awaiting for you. 

Chalal Village trek 

If you are trekking and camping in Kasol, then don’t forget to visit this place as this is among the very underrated trekking places in Kasol. You simply have to ask local people or any Cafe proprietor about the forthcoming party. To arrive at Chalal, first cross the spouting waters of Parvati River by means of the engineered overpass, and afterward clear your path through the stunning pine woods. Ok! That harmony: If you are hoping to get away from the horde of Kasol, the enchanting town of Chalal is your optimal objective.


After coming to Kasol, you don’t visit Tosh, then your Kasol trip is a waste because the main attraction of Kasol is Tosh. Also this is among those trekking and camping in Kasol which are thrilling and scary and will give you the best adrenaline rush in your body. Experience the Tosh Valley Trek in the wonderful and green paths in Himachal Pradesh.

Tosh is a tiny town situated in Himachal toward the finish of Parvati Valley and prompts the Parvati Pass The most noteworthy height of the pinnacle is 7874 ft. furthermore, kids beneath the age of 13 are not encouraged to take up this experience Total separation from the headquarters to the top and back is around 6 km and the base town from where the trip begins is a small suburb named Barshaini. This trek is so famous that it is in all the trekking packages in Kasol. 

Malana Trek 

This is another among the best trekking places in Kasol and the best part about this rek is that even beginners with no trekking experience can enjoy it. Around 21 Kms from Kasol lies the wonderful Malana town which is very famous for clear reasons however offers far beyond that! The journeying trail here will amaze you with its magnificence – be it the snow-clad mountains or the completely clear waters, everything is peaceful and a welcome blessing!

Sar Pass Trek 

Who hasn’t heard about Sar Pass trek? It is another popular trekking and camping destination in Kasol. Not only exciting but his destination will also five you chills as it is one of the thrilling destinations to climb. It has steep slopes to climb upon and the temperature gives you goosebumps. But if you plan your trek according to the weather then weather won’t be a barrier to your trip. Sar Pass is an ideal trip for fledglings. It’s for people who need to encounter a wide range of landscapes. Backwoods, glades, curious towns, or snow-covered mountains, this trail offers an array of encounters to adventurers. Prashant Jha, a post-move on from BITS Pilani shares subtleties of this all around investigated journey, which lies in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. For Visa Related Inquires Contact here