11 tips to reduce your fuel consumption

11 tips to reduce your fuel consumption

Looking to cut your gas bills? You don’t necessarily need to change cars to improve your fuel consumption. To save your wallet, here are 10 good habits by Emanualonline Reviews to adopt to reduce the consumption of your vehicle.

Reduce your speed

A higher speed will significantly increase the consumption of your vehicle, whether it is a subcompact or an SUV. Heavy feet, we will have warned you!

Maintain a constant speed

Too frequent acceleration and deceleration also play a role in the consumption of your vehicle. By keeping your speed constant, you will achieve significant fuel savings. On the highway, cruise control can quickly become your best ally.

Drive ahead

By gradually decelerating instead of braking suddenly, you will not only help improve the fuel consumption of your vehicle, but you will also prevent too rapid wear of your brake pads. Sudden accelerations are also to be avoided, of course.

Quickly change gears

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, you will save big by changing gears as soon as possible. An engine running at 3000 rpm consumes a lot more gasoline than 2000 rpm.

Inflate your tires properly

Poorly inflated tires can also have an impact on your car’s fuel consumption. Pressure lower than what is prescribed by the manufacturer will increase the rolling resistance. Tires that are too soft can have a direct influence on the fuel consumption of your car. From time to time, take the trouble to check their pressure and inflate them if necessary.

The Emanualonline Reviews recommended pressure is usually indicated on the inside of one of the vehicle doors. If in doubt, contact your dealer to find out.

Beware of the air conditioner

Although very pleasant in summer, the air conditioner in your vehicle helps increase fuel consumption. So use it wisely.

Avoid running the engine for nothing

When you are stopped for a few minutes, get into the habit of stopping the engine. A vehicle that operates in neutral uses petrol for nothing, which is not as beneficial to the environment as it is to your wallet.

Maintain your vehicle

A well-maintained car will have lower fuel consumption. Remember to change your oil regularly, but also to change the oil, air filters, etc. It will also help ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

Do not overload the vehicle unnecessarily

An overloaded car will be heavier and automatically consume more fuel. Do not carry heavy objects unnecessarily in your trunk. This could help you save a few dollars at the pump.

Stop the engine when you are not using it

Are you waiting for someone or are you stuck in traffic that won’t move? Turn off your engine while you don’t need it. Several modern models are also equipped with an automatic engine stop system. If this is not your case, a simple turn of the key is enough! This silly action could save you more than you think.

Pay attention to aerodynamics

Air resistance is an important factor in fuel consumption. If you don’t need it, remove the bike or ski racks from the roof of your car. Open windows, especially at high speeds, also affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle. You can read Emanualonline Reviews to learn more tips to save some money.

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