10 Tips for Choosing the Right Interior Paint Finish for Your Home

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Interior Paint Finish for Your Home

Most people are confused when it comes to choosing a paint color for the interior of their homes. However, choosing the right color and finish is not that difficult as most homeowners think. Most people can choose a color they love, but find it challenging to choose the right finish for that color.

There are multiple finishes for a single color and the best way to choose one is to learn the chemistry and use of paint finish. Let us dive deeper into the role of finish while choosing paint for your home.

Chemistry of Paint Finish

There are many types of paint finishes, but glossy and flat finishes are the most popular. The glossy finish paints are also known as high gloss and have a high concentration of resins and low PVC (pigment volume concentration). On the other hand, flat paints have a higher concentration of PVC and low levels of resins. That is the reason the paints with glossy finishes require multiple coats while flat paints require a single coat.

Reflection of light

The Flat paints usually reflect minimum light and high gloss finishes reflect maximum light from a surface. Therefore, it is clear that you can use a high gloss finish in areas where you want more light and a flat finish of the paint is good for areas that don’t need much light.

There are some more categories in addition to the glossy and flat finishes. Let us explore all the finishes and decide how to choose the one for your home interior.


Flat enamel 

The flat enamel paint creates a matte finish ad it forms a thin film after drying. The flat enamel finish is best for guest rooms or living rooms and doesn’t require regular cleaning of surfaces. Manufactures label it as matte paint to differentiate it from flat paints.



If you have seen the surface of eggs carefully, you might know how an eggshell finish will look. The paint with this finish has a slight gloss or shine, and it is good for walls that hold up better for cleaning.


Paints with satin finish have a smooth and velvet touch with a little gloss. The satin finish is more suitable for doors, windows, trims and ceilings. People who like satin finish can also use these paints on the walls of their rooms.


The semi-gloss finish is used on doors, windows trims and kitchen cabinets and has a low level of gloss. These paints reflect light in a subtle manner to prevent the surfaces from appearing too shiny. They require high precision prep work as little imperfections will be visible when highlighted by a semi-gloss paint.

How to choose the right paint finish

You need to consider these factors while choosing a paint finish for your interiors.


The high gloss paints are easy to wash and clean. As a general rule, more glossy the paint finish, the better it stands up to cleaning and washing of the surface. You can use these paints in areas that need regular cleaning.

Kids rooms


The kid’s rooms require more cleaning than other rooms in a house. Therefore, experts recommend painting the kid’s rooms win eggshell finish or semi-gloss paints as they are made to withstand regular and frequent cleanings.

Rustic looks

If you want your walls to appear rustic reflecting an old classic look, you can use the flat finishes of paint. If cleaning bothers you a lot, you can choose a flat enamel for trims and eggshell finish for your walls.


Most people choose a flat finish for ceilings of their rooms. However, you can also choose an eggshell finish if the surface is flawless. If you want a good reflection of light in your rooms, it is best to go for semi-gloss paint, but there should be no blemishes on the surface of your ceiling.

Final Words

Now as you know about the various finishes of paints, you can choose a paint finish for every area of your house. However, to get the best quality of finish, it is best to hire professional services like house painters Artarmon. Following these points can help homeowners to choose the right paint finish for their interiors.

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