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10 Tarot reading apps to guide daily decision making | Tarot Life

Is my partner happy with me? Will i get that long awaited promotion today? Should I buy that car? Where should I travel? Should I date him/her? 

These questions rule our mind on a daily basis and we struggle through the day to find answers and then the cycle repeats again. Our inability to understand our own feelings and get hold of our true desires can cause distress in our life. Finding solace in friends and family is our foremost instinct but sometimes an expert guidance is needed to get a clear perspective about our life. This may come from a certified therapist or counsellor or some people may find their solutions in tarot card reading. 

In this progressive culture where everything  from ordering food to booking a cab can be done online, tarot reading apps have made it easier for tarot enthusiasts to get their personal tarot guide

Here is a comprehensive  list of top 10 tarot reading apps that can help you gain clarity over situations in your life and the most widely used tarot reading app today is Tarot Life. 

Numerous times in life, we face situations that can make our thought process clouded. Our troubled emotions render us helpless and we lose our ability to inflict on our past actions and the present situation which ultimately affects our decision making for our possible future. 

It can be relaxing to have clarity over our choices and decisions and getting your daily guidance from the cards can help us get hold of our intuitions and ultimately ease the process of decision making in difficult times. 

Sitting in dark rooms with a decked up psychic reader tapping her rings adorned fingers on the table, having a mysterious look on her face is the story of the past. It is difficult to visit a tarot card reader to get your daily reading to help you guide through daily decision making. These top 10 tarot reading apps will help you get your daily reading on the go. Let’s take a look. 

 Top 10 tarot reading apps

1. Tarot Life | IOS, Windows and Android

Available: Android | iPhone

One of my personal favourites, Tarot Life is your daily guide on the road to success. Providing deep insights into your future with the power of the mystical tarot cards, Tarot Life rates first on my list of top 10 tarot card reading apps. Tarot life gives an interactive platform to its users and administer different areas of your life with the help of its varied features. 

Having problems dealing with your partner? Love Tarot will rescue you. Need answers to your love related queries?  Use True Love Spread. Get daily tarot readings using Daily Tarot. Confused about a decision, get help from Yes or No Tarot, Have doubts about your life? Ask a Question from an expert.  Having problems at work? Get help from Career Tarot. Facing a cross between different career paths- get answers from Career Path Spread. Resolve your money related queries with Finance Tarot. Sail through your financial difficulties with the help of Success Spread

There is more! You can get your personalized birth chart, timeline and compatibility   reports with the Astrology feature of Tarot life app. Also, you can discover how numbers affect different aspects of your life with the help of numerology feature of this app. This amazing app is available for Free Download on all major platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. 

2. Free Tarot Reading- Online Tarot and Cards meaning | Android

Available: Android

This is an easy to use app which is one of the best tarot card reading apps available online. It can be downloaded on Android for free and is available in English language. Users can choose from ten different types of tarot readings. A new feature to this app is the health related tarot and that is why this app rates second on my list of top 10 tarot card reading apps

3. Galaxy Tarot | Android

Available: Android

Embark on your cosmic journey with the Galaxy Tarot app which is available to be downloaded on Android platform. Get clarity on your issues regarding love life, health, studies, work or money. This app falls on number three in my list of top 10 tarot card reading apps because it allows one to center their focus on the major concerns and helps in finding ways to get your peace of mind. 

4. Tarot card reading- Love and Future daily horoscope | Android

Available: Android

A daily horoscope app to get rid of your confused thoughts with the help of tarot card reading.  It answers all your doubts relating to your love life, or health or money and work. This app provides you information about your life’s dreams and ambitions. Not only daily readings, this app which is available on the Android platform, also provides monthly and yearly readings as well. 

5. Angel Tarot- Free reading | Android

Available: Android

This tarot card reading app uses an authentic and specially designed deck of 32 cards and answers your queries regarding different situations in life. Angel Tarot also provides detailed interpretation of each card. Can be downloaded on Android platforms. 

6. Psychic reading and Tarot | Keen | iOS

Available: iPhone

It can be one of the best apps available to iOS users for tarot reading. Along with psychic readings this app gives you answers to the most bothersome questions related to wealth, career, luck and love. This app also gives out your daily horoscope and that’s why it made its place in the 10 top tarot card reading apps.  

7. Yes or No Tarot | Android

Available: Android

Need direct answers for your questions in yes or no? Download this app by available on Android platform. Answers can be sought regarding different areas of your life like career, money, love. Sometimes when we need straight answers to our doubts, this app will come in handy and it’s precise answers are the reason to put it on the 10 top tarot card reading apps for daily decision making. 

8. Tarot Samples | iOS and Android

Available: Android | iPhone

This Free app available on iOS and Android platforms provides access to various decks and layouts. The Tarot sampler gives you an excellent chance to explore different tarot decks. This app can also be used by the tarot enthusiasts who want to learn tarot card reading. The reason that this app is on my 10 to tarot card reading  apps is one of its important and innovative features that it gives you a platform to share your readings online to get further insights. 

9. Tarot and Numerology | iOS and Android

Available: iPhone

Using Numerology and Tarot clubbed together is another way to provide an enhanced experience to its users. Beginners can use this app to learn about the tarot card reading. This app is available on iOS and Android platforms. 

10. Tarot reading | iOS

Available: iPhone

An app that tells about what to expect in future and answer your questions using tarot cards and has beautiful graphics. Well that is an app that needs to be in my rating of 10 top tarot reading apps. Its 3D graphics make the whole experience beautiful. Tarot reading app can be downloaded on iOS platforms. 

Here are my top 10 Tarot Reading Apps. And, my first pick would obviously be Tarot Life owing to the number of features it offers and the accuracy of its readings. Download your favorite Tarot Reading app today and manifest a better future.