10 Quick Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System This Fall

10 Quick Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System This Fall

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their HVAC system until the cold fall wind starts creeping into their home interiors providing great discomfort day and night. Don’t let your household be in the middle of this unfortunate situation and be sure to get your heating system inspected and well-prepared for the upcoming cold season.  

Summer is coming to an end and fall is taking over. To guarantee a quick and efficient switching of your HVAC from cooling to heating, be sure to observe these 10 HVAC preparation tips.

HVAC preparation tip # 1: Check your air filters

Dirt debris in your air filters can cause clogging which eventually leads to HVAC malfunctions. More importantly, it can pose serious health concerns among your family members because of the contaminated air it’s blowing out. Prevent these issues from happening by performing regular air filter cleaning or replace it to ensure its proper functioning in the fall season.

HVAC preparation tip # 2: Clean your outdoor units

Be mindful of your HVAC units that are installed on the roof and other outdoor areas. Because of their outdoor location, the units become highly susceptible to dust, dirt, and debris. Regularly check on them and make sure no leaves or grass clippings enter that unit that may compromise its performance.

HVAC preparation tip # 3: Seal air leaks

One way to find out if leaks are present in your ventilation ducts is when one room in your house is colder or warmer than the other. Door and window frames are also one of the common sources of home leaks. Whichever is the case, make sure this issue is fixed right away, otherwise, you could be dealing with extreme energy loss and high monthly bills. 

HVAC preparation tip # 4: Perform routine inspection and maintenance

Having your HVAC system regularly inspected and maintained by a licensed professional is necessary for your unit’s efficient and long-lasting use. A routine checkup by pros should never be considered a financial burden, the cost can be twice or thrice higher if your neglected HVAC experiences serious complications.

HVAC preparation tip # 5: Clear air vents and ducts

Air vents and ducts manage the air circulation around your home. Once blocked, it forces your HVAC to work twice as hard leading to its early breakdown. For better duct performance, clear visible dust through vacuuming

HVAC preparation tip # 6: Get an upgrade

There is no better way to prepare your HVAC system for the fall than getting a professional component upgrade. It’s preferable to call for an HVAC upgrade service before the peak season. 

HVAC preparation tip # 7: Heating system tune-up

Don’t forget to schedule a heating system tune-up to prepare your HVAC for the fall season. Doing so will clear any dust that has settled in the unused component for months already and provides for your HVAC’s efficiency over the cold season.

HVAC preparation tip # 8: Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature around your home from your smartphone everywhere you are. It puts you in control of your home’s heating and cooling adjusting to autumn’s temperature fluctuations. This saves your HVAC from wear and tear while also reducing energy costs.

HVAC preparation tip # 9: Insulate the attic

Lack of proper home insulation serves as a burden to your HVAC system. Prevent the warm air from escaping outside by prioritizing the insulation of your attic. 

HVAC preparation tip # 10: Examine the belt

The belt inside your HVAC unit powers the blower. Check for cracks and other damages to determine if a replacement is necessary. Seek the help of a pro when replacing a component of your HVAC system. 

Importance of access doors to your HVAC maintenance

Your HVAC system inspections, maintenance, or repairs can’t possibly proceed without safe access to the components. HVAC access doors provide for that need. Don’t forget to install one in your home today. There is an array of door sizes and designs to suit your needs.

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