Four Places to Visit in India This Easter

Four Places to Visit in India This Easter

Stretching from the Great Himalayas to the north to Kanyakumari in the southernmost tip, deserts in the west to the Bay of Bengal in the east, India’s expansive borders portrays enchanting landscapes, rich culture and people. This is the land where you will meet people from different faith, religion, culture and history. The country holds a charm and picturesque and breathtaking views and embraces everyone who pays their visit to this magnificent land. If you are wondering which would be the best time to travel, well India shares a very pleasant climate. From snowcapped mountains and cold hill stations to beaches and islands of Indian Ocean or Arabian Sea, to the Thar Desert, nature has bestowed all its glory to this land. Many globetrotters from across the globe come expecting a timeless aesthetic beauty and leave their soul here.

Although India celebrates different festival throughout the years, Easter is one of the most significant festivals in the Christian calendar and marks the beginning of the spring season. Winter has just faded away and it’s time to rejuvenate your soul by welcoming a refreshing season that brings life to earth. Easter is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal throughout the world and it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. As I have already mentioned, India is a country with cultural diversity, so every festival is celebrated here with great pomp and show. Being multi-ethnic, the country shows respect to every culture and religion and thus on Easter, the country observes a holiday and celebrates the festival.

If you are planning to visit India during Easter, here is a list of places where you can experience the best Easter of your life. So get your flight ticket booked from your online flight booking portal and get ready for a festive journey.


Goa, a former Portuguese colony is called as the ‘Rome of the East’. Known as the multi-ethnic state, Goa is home to Hindu, Muslim and Catholic and Easter celebration here is a must watch. Every church in Goa celebrates Easter with great zeal, but Panaji steals the show. On Easter Sunday, joint the rest of Goa in celebrating the end of lent as they indulge themselves with Easter eggs and other scrumptious delicacies.


Being a state mostly inhabited by Christians, Nagaland celebrates Easter, marking the victory of good over evil for the redemption of mankind from sin. Believers converged at the historical cemetery of World War II in Kohima for a special sunrise service under the aegis of Kohima Baptist Pastor’s fellowship on the theme ‘He has risen’.


Mizoram has a huge Christian community and thus the state celebrates Easter with full enthusiasm. Solomon’s Church, Presbyterian Church and Baptist Church in Aizawlplay host to Easter celebrations, starting with sunrise mass and prayers at church. The seven sister states of North-east India has a sizeable populace of Christian community and you can find people celebrating Easter at many places here.


Kochi in Kerala celebrates Easter the most, with Christians thronging to their community churches for offering prayers. Churches conduct services to commemorate the End of Lent and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Easter, you can find a celebratory mood in the city. Shops offer Easter goodies and bunnies, while restaurants offer exotic meals.

Long weekends are rare and when you get a holiday just before or after weekends, you should not miss the chance to make the most out of it. A long weekend is awaiting you this Easter, so get your bag packed and make your way to these beautiful places.

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